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What is Operating System (OS) | Complete Guide

An operating system (OS) is a software, that work an interface between computer hardware components. After being initially loaded into the mobile and computer by a boot program, manage all of the other applications and programs in a computer the application programs make use of the operating system by making requests for services through a defined application program interface. Such as recognizing input from a keyboard and mouse, sending output on monitor.

Why use Operating System?

An operating system used for all programs, applications, services and many other activities easily managed by operating system. A computer only does one thing at a time. An operating system switches programs around to run a bit of one and then a bit of another to insure that all the programs that you want to run, and the operating system itself appear to all running together. Everything a computer does, other than the individual applications that we run, is all done by the Operating System.

Function of Operating System.

  • File Management
  • Security Management
  • Processor Management
  • Fault Detection
  • Performance Management
  • Application Management

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