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How to Make a Bootable USB Pendrive Using CMD (Command Prompt)

Do you know, you can easily create a bootable USB Pendrive through Command Prompt. Which is a command-line utility. Just a simple steps.

To make Bootable USB pendrive for use in recovery and reinstall windows of the computer and laptop.

Note: We recommend, take a backup of your pendrive data. Because while running the bellow commands format of your pendrive data.

For create a bootable usb pendrive, see the following topics:

Insert a usb pendrive into a computer or laptop.

Click on Start Button

Search in box CMD or Command Prompt

Now appear Command Prompt

Right click on Command Prompt

Click on Run As Administrator

Now see the following command.

1. Type Diskpart the click enter

2. Type List Disk the click enter

3. Type Select Disk X (X is drive number)

4. Type Clean the click enter

5. Type Create Partition Primary the click enter

6. Type Format FS=NTFS Quick the click enter

7. Type Active the click enter

8. Type Exit the click enter

Successfully created a bootable pendrive after running this command. You can copy a windows file and paste in to your pendrive. and install a windows of your system.

Also mentioned video.

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